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Should you use Pokémon Masters Hack?

Pokémon Masters is a new mobile game developed by DeNA which is set to be globally released on the 29th of August. Maybe you’ve heard about it already and have thought about downloading it… well if you are, provided are a set of tips and tricks that’ll surely help you along your adventure!

The first few hours of the game are more or less are a lengthy tutorial, designed to teach you the basics of this game, which are pretty different than what you might expect from a standard Pokémon game. You’ll learn a lot of the basics during that time, but listed are breakdowns of what we thought might be either some more complex mechanics to help you grasp a better understanding of them, and a mix of different ways you can make your gameplay more efficient!


You might be thinking to yourself, how is Evolution going to work in this new game? After all, evolving your Pokémon can be among the most exciting things in the game, since it turns your cute little companions into tough and stronger looking powerhouses, that raises all of their base stats and expands their move sets. Well, evolving your Pokémon involves doing story missions (which are important to stay on top of) but you’ll need to make sure your Sync Pair is also a high enough level (we’ll talk about those in a bit).

You’ll also need an evolution crystal for that your Pokémon can evolve, so if you’re the type of player that doesn’t want to or like to evolve the Pokémon in your team because you like more of a challenge, or for whatever reason, know that it can’t be done without the stone! As of now the crystal will cost 3,000 coins, so spend your coins conservatively so that you can evolve your Pokémon as soon as they reach their required levels!

Sync Pairs!

If you don’t know what Sync Pairs are, they’re essentially just trainers and their Pokémon on Pasio. They’re going to be super important to pay attention to, because with over 60 sync pairs currently in the game, and the potential to level all of them up to a grand total of 100 (which will be no easy feat) you’ll need them to diversify your battle setup for tactical reasons as well as have them at certain levels for your Pokémon to evolve! You’ll get experience points every time you win a battle though, so don’t worry too much about the grind, because it’s really just the start!

After beating the first PML gym, you’ll learn that you can actually enhance your Sync Pair level cap too, so there’s a lot more game content than you may have initially anticipated, but who’s really complaining about that? Make sure you’re also going to see Trinnia, located in the Pokémon center! She can also aid your Sync Pairs in learning new moves and an assortment of passive abilities! Furthermore, it'll also be important to scout more Sync Pairs because it will increase the strength of your original Sync Pair and scouting duplicate pairs also both gives you the chance of getting some different items that range in rarity, that can then be used to increase the star power of your individual Sync Pairs.

Log-In Bonus!

Many mobile games typically have daily log-in bonuses to motivate you to stay active, and Pokémon Masters is no different! Try your best to get online everyday to net some easy items! Additionally there are daily missions to complete for even more rewards! Although they’re not amazing rewards, they’ll help your progress throughout the early and mid stages of the game, just make sure you’re collecting before 6am UTC, as that marks the start of the new day in this game!


After unlocking chapter 5, you’ll be presented the opportunity to take part in events! Make sure to stay on top of leveling your Sync Pairs so that you can always go in and do the missions under the events so that you too can reap their progressive rewards!

The “Optimize” Button!

Some players may notice the “optimize” button by themselves, while others might glance over it. But it’s a very useful option if you’re unfamiliar with what Sync Pairs to use or want to rush a fight, when you’re selecting a team and use this option it’ll automatically use another roster you have, countering the opposing side! There’s also an “auto” button you can use if you want to sit back and watch the AI take control of the fight, although keep in mind they may not always have the best decision making in mind!

Your Move Gauge!

Don’t sleep on enlarging the size of your move gauge either! Initially, it’ll only have four slots like it has always been in previous Pokémon games, but in this Pokémon game you can actually upgrade it two times by trading it in for coins in the shop! Although it’s a bit costly since it costs 30,000 for the initial upgrade and then 10,000 coins for the second, it can be very beneficial in adding different move types to your Pokémon, vastly increasing their strength in battle!

Are you as excited for the upcoming release of Pokémon Masters are we are? Let us know down below in the comments if there’s anything we missed and what your favorite Pokémon is!

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Pokemon Masters – Quick Tips for Newbies

– Remember that Pokémon Master isn’t just about collecting all the different Pokémon, but about collecting the trainers you like and relate to from tv shows, movies, and games to pair with their signature Pokemon.

– Pay attention to the first few hours of gameplay, this is where you will learn the basics and learn about Sync Pairs and starter types.

– The team of trainers and Pokemon are called Sync Pairs and are very important

– In Pokemon Masters, you pair a team of three trainers and three Pokemon to battle against an opposing team of three.

– Players can get a boost in the game from purchasing gems to buy Sync Pairs

– Free Gems and Coins can be achieved by completing milestones and winning matches, so there is an option besides purchasing gems with actual money.

– Remember to level up your Sync Pairs to not only maintain but increase in levels

– Using training machines and later on, tonics can upgrade and add more complex moves to your Sync Pair.

– Each Sync Pair has a number of stars attached to it which specifies its potential and decides its level cap so keep an eye out for those.

– Talking to Trinnia at the cafe in the Pokemon center can help your Sync Pairs learn new moves and passive skills.

– Once a player can make their team more powerful they can do super course training

– Human trainers can not evolve but Pokemon can make the Sync Pair more powerful

– Before a player begins a battle the game will give the player a hint about the opponent’s weaknesses which can help the player determine which team to use.

– The co-op battle option that enables after chapter 10 allows players to team up with other teams to have a nine versus nine Pokemon battle.

Pokemon Masters – What To Expect?

Pokemon Masters preregistration is up and getting a ton of traffic. There are already more than 5 million pre-orders through iOS and Android. 

So what’s with the hype? 

If you are familiar with the developer DeNA then you may be aware that they have worked with Nintendo on a number of mobile versions of popular franchises, like Animal Crossing, Mario, and Mario Kart. 

They are huge titles and have amassed millions of downloads. 

So what is Pokemon Masters? Don’t we have Pokemon GO?

Well for a lot of Pokemon fans, Pokemon GO isn’t necessarily the experience they are looking for. Pokemon Masters isn’t in the style of a traditional Pokemon mainline game but has a ton of features that Pokemon fans are going to be excited for. 

The first thing to understand is that the combat system is turn based. Offering more depth than Pokemon GO something fans have been itching for. While it is still simplified compared to the mainline games DeNA has found a perfect balance that fits at home well on a mobile platform. 

Next you need to understand Pairing. All the Pokemon in Pokemon Masters are paired with a distinct trainer. You will need to unlock certain trainers to use certain Pokemon. These are iconic characters, so if you wanted to use Charizard, you would need Red the trainer from the first Pokemon games, or if you wanted to use Onyx you would need to unlock Brock. Misty and a number of iconic Pokemon trainers make an appearance and collecting them all is going to be a big draw for fans. 

So how do you go about unlocking Pokemon? Well like most mobile games that are free to play there is monetization but it is optional. Granted you will spend much less time getting the trainer or Pokemon you want by just spending a few extra bucks but to each their own. 

In the game’s story mode you will be able to unlock a number of trainers and Pokemon for use in battle. This is sort of a starting out point. Giving you an idea of the games style and giving you a nice little outfit to do battle with. You will be guided by a professor as per usual in a Pokemon game and be working to compete in the “Masters league.” 

The game takes place on a new island, Pasio. You’re main character is a unique original character starting out with the iconic Pikachu! 

The battles typically are a trio of trainers versus either AI or other human opponents meaning you can team up with friends and battle either others or each other. A very cool feature that many Pokemon fans will be yearning for. 

The game follows a “gacha” monetization system which is a prevalent way to monetize mobile games in Japan. It follows a lootbox mechanic meaning you will rolling from a random pool of trainers and Pokemon. There are number of different currencies in the game each for a different aspect of the game’s features. For example leveling up requires a special currency for both trainers and Pokemon. There are also currencies for moves, in-game items, and other unlockables. 

Luckily there is no Stamina meter, so you can play the game as much as you want, and you can earn currency just by playing to unlock certain trainers and Pokemon. 

Collecting and battling Pokemon has always been a staple of the Pokemon franchise and Pokemon Masters looks to bring that experience to the mobile sphere. With a ton of cool features to engage players together or against one another Pokemon Masters will surely be a hit with the mobile audience. Pre-registrations are open and if you are interested why not give it a look. It’s free after all! 

Pokemon Masters – Overview

What is Pokémon Masters?

Pokémon Masters is a new and upcoming mobile game, available for IOS and Android. The game revolves around some of the iconic characters seen throughout the Pokémon franchise, including gym leaders and champions. The game’s main focus is on battling other trainers, progressing through the story and making new friends. Anyone who is used to the Pokémon franchise will instantly love this game, as will new players.

Exciting features brought to Pokémon Masters

Sync pair battling
Sync pair battling essentially is an amazing feature that allows Pokémon and trainers from different generations alike, to fight and train together, which means you can battle some of your favourite Pokémon from older generations or fight along side them with newer Pokémon. This allows for a constantly refreshing style of gameplay, as there are hundreds and hundreds of Pokémon to battle or battle with.

Make friends and battle
Throughout the story, friends or “Sync pairs” can be found, either during certain events or at the Pokémon centre. With these sync pairs, you can unlock new Pokémon, train them, level them up and use them in your battles to progress with the story. With these sync pairs you can build a team, which is made from 3 sync pairs of your choice. You can adjust the team to be super effective against certain types you may come up against in battles. The world is your oyster in terms of team choices.

Unique battle system 
As previously mentioned, your team consists of 3 sync pairs, which are used in battles consisting of 3 of your own Pokémon and 3 of the opponent’s Pokémon. Many of the fan favourite features from previous games such as potions, X attack and X defence are included, allowing you to heal your Pokémon and increase their attack/defence stats. 

Huge pool of moves
Pokémon Masters uses many of the moves that have been every prior Pokémon game, meaning that anyone can easily pick up the moves and learn which ones to use and the best possible moment to win more games. That being said, a brand new feature called “Sync moves” has been introduced. A sync move is an ultra powerful move that can be used once a certain amount of moves in a battle have already been used. They offer a refreshing new way to battle, whilst still being familiar to many Pokémon fans.

Play with your friends
Not only can you play the game solo by yourself and take the game at whatever pace you wish, but in fact you can play with friends from the real world in the all new co-op mode, allowing you and your friends to take out opponents together and have fun times doing so.

In all, Pokémon Masters seems to be one of the best upcoming mobile games of 2019, with many brand new exciting features such as sync battles and sync moves, whilst also appealing to the core fans of Pokémon with the inclusion of many of the well known features that real Pokémon fans will be accustomed to.