About Us

What’s up Pokémon fans and gamers! Are you ready to take on the newest craze in mobile gaming called Pokémon Masters?! To be ahead with your Pokémon, you need to team it up with their relevant trainers, and for that you’ll need to unlock them. It’s either via microtransactions like purchasing game currency or by working through the story to recruit trainers for your roster. If you’re just a kid and don’t have anything to spare into the game, or just a lazy-@$$ who doesn’t want to spend anything in the game, then we’ve got you covered! Our site provides tons of tips, tricks, and cheats to help you get these game currencies without spending any dime!

Through the help of our developers, we were able to pinpoint a loophole in the system where we can simultaneously add game resources without getting detected. Our Pokemon Masters hack guide will work for both iOS and Android platforms of the game.

Our objective is to help our fellow gamers to get game currencies without the need to spend real money into the game, so that your focus is just winning and making the ultimate Pokémon trainer roster!