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With our Pokemon Masters Assist™️ tool, you can generate thousands of Gems (and Coins) to purchase Sync Pairs and grow your roster. Start owning your enemies, rank up through missions, and boost your gameplay to the next level by clicking the button below!

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Should you use Pokémon Masters Hack?

Pokémon Masters is a new mobile game developed by DeNA which is set to be globally released on the 29th of August. Maybe you’ve heard about it already and have thought about downloading it… well if you are, provided are a set of tips and tricks that’ll surely help you along your adventure!

The first few hours of the game are more or less are a lengthy tutorial, designed to teach you the basics of this game, which are pretty different than what you might expect from a standard Pokémon game. You’ll learn a lot of the basics during that time, but listed are breakdowns of what we thought might be either some more complex mechanics to help you grasp a better understanding of them, and a mix of different ways you can make your gameplay more efficient!


You might be thinking to yourself, how is Evolution going to work in this new game? After all, evolving your Pokémon can be among the most exciting things in the game, since it turns your cute little companions into tough and stronger looking powerhouses, that raises all of their base stats and expands their move sets. Well, evolving your Pokémon involves doing story missions (which are important to stay on top of) but you’ll need to make sure your Sync Pair is also a high enough level (we’ll talk about those in a bit).

You’ll also need an evolution crystal for that your Pokémon can evolve, so if you’re the type of player that doesn’t want to or like to evolve the Pokémon in your team because you like more of a challenge, or for whatever reason, know that it can’t be done without the stone! As of now the crystal will cost 3,000 coins, so spend your coins conservatively so that you can evolve your Pokémon as soon as they reach their required levels!

Sync Pairs!

If you don’t know what Sync Pairs are, they’re essentially just trainers and their Pokémon on Pasio. They’re going to be super important to pay attention to, because with over 60 sync pairs currently in the game, and the potential to level all of them up to a grand total of 100 (which will be no easy feat) you’ll need them to diversify your battle setup for tactical reasons as well as have them at certain levels for your Pokémon to evolve! You’ll get experience points every time you win a battle though, so don’t worry too much about the grind, because it’s really just the start!

After beating the first PML gym, you’ll learn that you can actually enhance your Sync Pair level cap too, so there’s a lot more game content than you may have initially anticipated, but who’s really complaining about that? Make sure you’re also going to see Trinnia, located in the Pokémon center! She can also aid your Sync Pairs in learning new moves and an assortment of passive abilities! Furthermore, it'll also be important to scout more Sync Pairs because it will increase the strength of your original Sync Pair and scouting duplicate pairs also both gives you the chance of getting some different items that range in rarity, that can then be used to increase the star power of your individual Sync Pairs.

Log-In Bonus!

Many mobile games typically have daily log-in bonuses to motivate you to stay active, and Pokémon Masters is no different! Try your best to get online everyday to net some easy items! Additionally there are daily missions to complete for even more rewards! Although they’re not amazing rewards, they’ll help your progress throughout the early and mid stages of the game, just make sure you’re collecting before 6am UTC, as that marks the start of the new day in this game!


After unlocking chapter 5, you’ll be presented the opportunity to take part in events! Make sure to stay on top of leveling your Sync Pairs so that you can always go in and do the missions under the events so that you too can reap their progressive rewards!

The “Optimize” Button!

Some players may notice the “optimize” button by themselves, while others might glance over it. But it’s a very useful option if you’re unfamiliar with what Sync Pairs to use or want to rush a fight, when you’re selecting a team and use this option it’ll automatically use another roster you have, countering the opposing side! There’s also an “auto” button you can use if you want to sit back and watch the AI take control of the fight, although keep in mind they may not always have the best decision making in mind!

Your Move Gauge!

Don’t sleep on enlarging the size of your move gauge either! Initially, it’ll only have four slots like it has always been in previous Pokémon games, but in this Pokémon game you can actually upgrade it two times by trading it in for coins in the shop! Although it’s a bit costly since it costs 30,000 for the initial upgrade and then 10,000 coins for the second, it can be very beneficial in adding different move types to your Pokémon, vastly increasing their strength in battle!

Are you as excited for the upcoming release of Pokémon Masters are we are? Let us know down below in the comments if there’s anything we missed and what your favorite Pokémon is!

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