Pokemon Masters – Overview

What is Pokémon Masters?

Pokémon Masters is a new and upcoming mobile game, available for IOS and Android. The game revolves around some of the iconic characters seen throughout the Pokémon franchise, including gym leaders and champions. The game’s main focus is on battling other trainers, progressing through the story and making new friends. Anyone who is used to the Pokémon franchise will instantly love this game, as will new players.

Exciting features brought to Pokémon Masters

Sync pair battling
Sync pair battling essentially is an amazing feature that allows Pokémon and trainers from different generations alike, to fight and train together, which means you can battle some of your favourite Pokémon from older generations or fight along side them with newer Pokémon. This allows for a constantly refreshing style of gameplay, as there are hundreds and hundreds of Pokémon to battle or battle with.

Make friends and battle
Throughout the story, friends or “Sync pairs” can be found, either during certain events or at the Pokémon centre. With these sync pairs, you can unlock new Pokémon, train them, level them up and use them in your battles to progress with the story. With these sync pairs you can build a team, which is made from 3 sync pairs of your choice. You can adjust the team to be super effective against certain types you may come up against in battles. The world is your oyster in terms of team choices.

Unique battle system 
As previously mentioned, your team consists of 3 sync pairs, which are used in battles consisting of 3 of your own Pokémon and 3 of the opponent’s Pokémon. Many of the fan favourite features from previous games such as potions, X attack and X defence are included, allowing you to heal your Pokémon and increase their attack/defence stats. 

Huge pool of moves
Pokémon Masters uses many of the moves that have been every prior Pokémon game, meaning that anyone can easily pick up the moves and learn which ones to use and the best possible moment to win more games. That being said, a brand new feature called “Sync moves” has been introduced. A sync move is an ultra powerful move that can be used once a certain amount of moves in a battle have already been used. They offer a refreshing new way to battle, whilst still being familiar to many Pokémon fans.

Play with your friends
Not only can you play the game solo by yourself and take the game at whatever pace you wish, but in fact you can play with friends from the real world in the all new co-op mode, allowing you and your friends to take out opponents together and have fun times doing so.

In all, Pokémon Masters seems to be one of the best upcoming mobile games of 2019, with many brand new exciting features such as sync battles and sync moves, whilst also appealing to the core fans of Pokémon with the inclusion of many of the well known features that real Pokémon fans will be accustomed to.

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