Pokemon Masters – What To Expect?

Pokemon Masters preregistration is up and getting a ton of traffic. There are already more than 5 million pre-orders through iOS and Android. 

So what’s with the hype? 

If you are familiar with the developer DeNA then you may be aware that they have worked with Nintendo on a number of mobile versions of popular franchises, like Animal Crossing, Mario, and Mario Kart. 

They are huge titles and have amassed millions of downloads. 

So what is Pokemon Masters? Don’t we have Pokemon GO?

Well for a lot of Pokemon fans, Pokemon GO isn’t necessarily the experience they are looking for. Pokemon Masters isn’t in the style of a traditional Pokemon mainline game but has a ton of features that Pokemon fans are going to be excited for. 

The first thing to understand is that the combat system is turn based. Offering more depth than Pokemon GO something fans have been itching for. While it is still simplified compared to the mainline games DeNA has found a perfect balance that fits at home well on a mobile platform. 

Next you need to understand Pairing. All the Pokemon in Pokemon Masters are paired with a distinct trainer. You will need to unlock certain trainers to use certain Pokemon. These are iconic characters, so if you wanted to use Charizard, you would need Red the trainer from the first Pokemon games, or if you wanted to use Onyx you would need to unlock Brock. Misty and a number of iconic Pokemon trainers make an appearance and collecting them all is going to be a big draw for fans. 

So how do you go about unlocking Pokemon? Well like most mobile games that are free to play there is monetization but it is optional. Granted you will spend much less time getting the trainer or Pokemon you want by just spending a few extra bucks but to each their own. 

In the game’s story mode you will be able to unlock a number of trainers and Pokemon for use in battle. This is sort of a starting out point. Giving you an idea of the games style and giving you a nice little outfit to do battle with. You will be guided by a professor as per usual in a Pokemon game and be working to compete in the “Masters league.” 

The game takes place on a new island, Pasio. You’re main character is a unique original character starting out with the iconic Pikachu! 

The battles typically are a trio of trainers versus either AI or other human opponents meaning you can team up with friends and battle either others or each other. A very cool feature that many Pokemon fans will be yearning for. 

The game follows a “gacha” monetization system which is a prevalent way to monetize mobile games in Japan. It follows a lootbox mechanic meaning you will rolling from a random pool of trainers and Pokemon. There are number of different currencies in the game each for a different aspect of the game’s features. For example leveling up requires a special currency for both trainers and Pokemon. There are also currencies for moves, in-game items, and other unlockables. 

Luckily there is no Stamina meter, so you can play the game as much as you want, and you can earn currency just by playing to unlock certain trainers and Pokemon. 

Collecting and battling Pokemon has always been a staple of the Pokemon franchise and Pokemon Masters looks to bring that experience to the mobile sphere. With a ton of cool features to engage players together or against one another Pokemon Masters will surely be a hit with the mobile audience. Pre-registrations are open and if you are interested why not give it a look. It’s free after all! 

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