Pokemon Masters – Quick Tips for Newbies

– Remember that Pokémon Master isn’t just about collecting all the different Pokémon, but about collecting the trainers you like and relate to from tv shows, movies, and games to pair with their signature Pokemon.

– Pay attention to the first few hours of gameplay, this is where you will learn the basics and learn about Sync Pairs and starter types.

– The team of trainers and Pokemon are called Sync Pairs and are very important

– In Pokemon Masters, you pair a team of three trainers and three Pokemon to battle against an opposing team of three.

– Players can get a boost in the game from purchasing gems to buy Sync Pairs

– Free Gems and Coins can be achieved by completing milestones and winning matches, so there is an option besides purchasing gems with actual money.

– Remember to level up your Sync Pairs to not only maintain but increase in levels

– Using training machines and later on, tonics can upgrade and add more complex moves to your Sync Pair.

– Each Sync Pair has a number of stars attached to it which specifies its potential and decides its level cap so keep an eye out for those.

– Talking to Trinnia at the cafe in the Pokemon center can help your Sync Pairs learn new moves and passive skills.

– Once a player can make their team more powerful they can do super course training

– Human trainers can not evolve but Pokemon can make the Sync Pair more powerful

– Before a player begins a battle the game will give the player a hint about the opponent’s weaknesses which can help the player determine which team to use.

– The co-op battle option that enables after chapter 10 allows players to team up with other teams to have a nine versus nine Pokemon battle.